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Is It Safe To Travel? 
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How Safe Is Your Next Trip...Know Before You Go!
Introducing Pre Travel Safety: The Only Personalised Travel Safety Analysis And Support for Business & Leisure Travellers

Businesses Are Required To Manage The Safety Of Their Business Travellers...Conducting Travel Safety Assessments For Each And Every Trip

What Travel Safety Factors Should You Consider Every Time You Travel?
Personal Safety Levels...
Personal safety levels vary from person to person and even trip to trip, therefore you should never "share" a safety rating or evaluation, which requires a personal and unique evaluation, every time. 
Destination Safety Levels...
There are numerous factors that influence the overall safety at your destination, which should be specific to the actual city/location to which you are travelling, with a focus on traveller safety.
Road Safety Levels...
Nearly all travel will involve some degree of road transport which is likely to expose travellers to the highest variation in terms of safety, which should be identified in advance to reduce risks. 
Aviation Safety Levels...
When travelling by air, every traveller or travel manager/agent needs to consider the overall aviation safety levels associated with the location and provider choice, before confirmation.
"What was only previously available or conducted by businesses, is now available for EVERY traveller. That is, personalised travel safety analysis and risk management. This process not only saves money....but it also saves lives!" 

Tony Ridley - CEO at Intelligent Travel
Every Traveller Is Different, Every Journey Is Different and Every Destination Is Different...So Why Would You Consider Your Trip The "Same"?
Let Us Show You How Simple It Is To Create Your Own Pre Travel Safety Assessment !
Step #1 - Complete A Personal Travel Survey
Pre Travel Safety is all about YOU, the individual traveller.
First, you tell us a little about you. In particular, we need to know general issue such as:
  • Individual Demographic - Specifically what type of traveller you are. 
  • The Trip - The types of location and activities you will be participating in.
  • The Destination - In terms of how familiar you are with it.
  • Preparedness - What you have done in order to to prepare for this journey.
  • Experience - Relevant and related experiences you may have already.
  • Plus More...
In order to effectively understand how the journey, destination or transport standards affect the traveller, we need to understand a little about the traveller in order to make and assessment.
After We Know More About You, We Plug Your Profile Into Our Travel Safety Risk Calculator... 
Step #2 - Share Your Travel Plans
We analyse your journey, based on locations, transit, destination and other aspects of your travel logistics, as part of our pre travel safety analysis. Only by integrating both your actual travel activity and all the relevant travel safety data can you accurately provide travel safety management ratings for individuals and/or managers to make informed decisions about travel safety risk. Anything a guess.

Business travellers using our Pre Travel Safety API [available via select Travel Management Providers] this process is automatically taking place at the time of your initial search and travel booking, all in real time!
10 Billion+
Unique Combinations
Travel Safety Charts
Individual Safety Metrics
Step #3 - Receive Your Travel Safety Analysis
We create a unique, personal travel safety analysis for you and/or your business. You can determine if the level of safety for this trip is acceptable or requires additional support, control or management!
Our travel safety analysis seeks to contain EVERYTHING a traveller, whether a first time or seasoned traveller, will need for their journey. The analysis includes:
  • Vaccination Information - Medical advice on what prevention options should be taken.
  • Country & City Guide - General background and information on your destination. 
  • City Analysis - Key health, medical and security issues you should be aware of before travel.
  • Useful Links - Government advice, Embassies, Weather, Timezones, Visa Requirements, etc.
  • Recent Events - News, events, incidents, threats, hazards, etc.
  • Tips & Advice - Experts advice and insights on how to maximise your travel.
  • Maps - Local hospitals, hotels, police stations, chemists, airports, etc. 
  • Multimedia Content - Videos on the city, audio briefs. etc. 
  • Plus More...
We also include real time maps within your travel safety analysis, with turn-by-turn navigation reference for travelling to/from the airport upon arrival. 

There are NO PDF's, with all resources available across all devices, with rich content, active controls and easily accessible information, news and education.

Each traveller gets their OWN unique site!
Our Pre Travel Safety Analysis And Personal, Online Travel Safety Assessment Covers Everything You Need...
Step #4 - Keep Informed And Updated
The one thing you can guarantee when it comes to travel is....things change! So we keep you informed, educated and advised on the issues most relevant to you and your journey. 

We don't focus on extraordinary and rare issues/events such as terrorism and kidnapping [don't worry, we don't ignore it all together!] but are constantly monitoring and reporting on things that affect travellers and foreigners directly. This means that you are kept informed about the things that matter most, so you can focus on your trip, business activities or just having a good time. We're alert to changes and influences, even if you aren't.

A safe journey is one that is completed once you are safe and back home. 
Pay Per Use
No annual fees, subscriptions or up front costs. Only pay, if/when you travel.
Travels With You...
Access  the information, updates, education and advice anywhere.
Travel Specific
Focusing on travel and mobile business/leisure activities. 
Extensive Database
Taking thousands of metrics, reports, analysis and delivering the most relevant.
Step #5 - [Optional] Travel Safety Help & Support
Despite our best efforts to bring you everything you need for your pending journey, we know you might have questions, special circumstances or just need something explained. No problem! 

We can help you before, during and after you travel, with our highly sophisticated support service for travellers and managers.
Access our online knowledgebase and help desk to find out more about your location, what to do in an emergency or learn more from our travel safety management experts. Options include:

  • Online knowledge base search
  • Chat live online
  • Social media interaction
  • Email communications
  • Phone support
Pay-As-You-Go....Just Like Other Travel Expenses Such As Taxis, Meals, Flights...
Step #6 - Safe Travels!
Know Your Destination, Know The Hazards And Have A Safe And Enjoyable Journey!
Don't think that a journey should be one where you collect your own stories of misadventure and suffering. We help you prevent loss and damage to yourself, your money and possessions and you can call upon us when you need us.  
Get Your Free Personal Travel Safety Evaluation...
Find out how you, your experience and preparations rate...
"How Does Stack Up?"
Get Your Free Personal Travel Safety Evaluation...
Find out how you, your experience and preparations rate...
Common Questions and Answers
  • Do I have to be a member?
No! You don't need to join our "club", pay any subscriptions or pay up front fees. You can just buy what you need, when you need, only when you need it!
  • Is it for business travellers only? 
No. What was previously only available to business travellers, we have now expanded for leisure travellers such as families, holiday makers, students, backpackers and the like. Anyone that travellers really. 
  • What is the difference between travel safety and travel security? 
Travel safety is based on the national and international safety laws that govern the provision of a "safe work environment" for employees. These laws are very well developed, prescriptive and have clear, formulaic processes for the identification of hazards and mitigation of risk. This is the process we use. Travel security on the other hand, does not have such clear and universal standards, and is more the 'professional opinion' of any one person or provider. Most importantly, it usually lacks any consistent processes, compliance with the law and specific focus on work processes. 
  • Is this for domestic or international travel? 
Both. If you travel for business or leisure, you are changing the environment in which you are most familiar. Therefore, you need to reconsider the change in circumstances and the potential for you to be exposed to injury or safety concerns. This means that you can request a domestic or special project analysis, along with a more common international journey analysis. 
  • I'm a travel agent, can I offer this to my customers? 
Yes! We offer integration and reseller services [not to mention a healthy transaction commission] to travel management companies and travel agents upon request. Simply contact us for more information. And together, we can work towards providing your customers a more personalised and coordinated service. 
  • How many cities or locations can I get with my order/purchase? 
A single order is point-to-point. That is, from your place of departure to that of your destination. You don't need to include your point of departure, but you will definitely need to be clear on your final destination. While we often provide insight and analysis into cities in which you transit, your order is for one city, that is your final destination or where you will spend the most amount of time. For multi city trips, you can order a full service analysis or contact us for other options. 
  • Do I get a PDF report?
No you don't. You get your very own, dynamic website, specific to your journey and request. This means that you can access the travel safety analysis at any time, from just about any device, before or during your travels. 
  • Who is Intelligent Travel?
Intelligent Travel is an international travel health, safety, security and risk management service provider, providing travel concierge services in this area of expertise. We have years of experience in managing the safety and well being of travellers around the world, along with provision of emergency support management for extreme and life threatening events such as natural disasters, physical violence, terrorist attacks, medical emergencies, travel disruptions and large scale evacuation operations. 
  • Do you accept online payment/credit card?
Yes. Our online and ecommerce system can process most credit/debit systems. 
  • What do I do for multi-city/location trips?
You can order our full service option, which includes multi cities, help desk access and concierge support as required. We can then deliver multiple cities as part of your itinerary. This is a personal service, for an individual traveller, not  a business with multiple travellers to multiple locations. That is a different service and product, which should be used if that is your objective. 
  • Is this just for first time/novice travellers?
Absolutely not. Every time you travel, there have been changes since you last travelled and changes in your circumstances. Even just slight changes can significantly impact your travel safety, therefore you need to conduct a pre travel safety analysis every time you take a new trip, even if you are a seasoned traveller, or visit the location regularly. 

Business travellers are most likely require 'evidence' that a safety evaluation was conducted, which is exactly what we do for you each time you order a pre travel safety analysis. This means that all travellers can benefit from this process, and businesses go a a long way to demonstrate their "safe work systems" as it applies to travel. 
  • Can I upgrade later? 
Yes, you can upgrade your purchase or order at a later date, or order additional services from us if/when required. You may pay a slightly higher price for some services when they are made on an "on-demand" basis or not part of our bundled specials. 

We only want you to pay for what you need, when you need it. 
  • Why would my business need this? 
All businesses around the world [laws and compliance varies from location to location] are required to provide "safe work environments" for their employees. There are no exemptions for travel. This means that even if they are not at your physical workplace or traditional office location, you still need to proactively manage and support their personal safety needs. This is what we do for businesses. 

Businesses get all the benefits of having their own in-house team of experts and resources, at a fraction of the cost and only pay for what they need, when they need it. 
  • Can I customise this for my own business travellers? 
Yes, you can. We offer customised reporting and integration services for business travellers. This may be via your travel management service provider or direct to your business, depending on your preference and travel management procedures. 
  • Can I resell your information? 
No! Pre travel safety is a proprietary product/service and our content or services may not be used without permission or commercial agreements. Any breaches or instances where our content is resold, repurposed or used for other purposes is considered as theft and will result in subsequent legal action.
  • Do I still need travel insurance?
Yes! We recommend EVERYONE have current and relevant travel insurance each time they travel. We don't sell it, and this is not travel insurance. You may find you can receive a discount on your premium from your provider with evidence of effective travel risk management, but pre travel safety should not be confused with travel insurance. They are two separate products and services. 
  • What is the difference between Pre Travel Safety and the government travel advisories?
Government travel advisories are the end result of political censorship, generalisations and non-personal assumptions about countries and a few major cities. They neither qualify as travel safety assessments nor for personal use. 

In many instances, government travel advisories recommend specific travel risk assessments, such as we provide here. 

Pre travel safety is about understanding you, the traveller, and then providing as detailed as possible education, information and resources for you to participate in the safety management process, and make an informed decision prior to travel. This process is part of what is referred to as "safe work systems" and can prevent/mitigate as much as 90% of routine, preventable travel safety incidents. 
  • Will pre travel safety provide my business our "Duty of Care" solution? 
There is no such thing! Duty of care is a sub-set of safety management, and the provision of a "safe work environment". Therefore, there are many systems and processes that must work, both internal and external to the business business, in order for this to work. 

Don't be fooled by slick sales pitches, you can't outsource your travel safety management requirements. We provide travellers and businesses a lot to complete their safe work systems, but it is not 100% of your business compliance requirements because you have a significant role to play also. - an Intelligent Travel Product - All Rights Reserved 2013
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